best Skin care routine for 2021

This Blog is my little diary about skin care and its diseases. It helps you keep up to date with the new content on care, natural treatments, prevention of skin diseases and the solution to the concerns that you and others have.

Today skin care is a trend, it is a necessity, it is fashion and it is health. The cosmetics and beauty industry has grown to meet the needs of all of us.

The cosmetic products that we find in the market are developed with the latest technology and contain the best botanical, natural and specialized ingredients in rejuvenation.

Some of the most recognized brands worldwide are Dior, Lancôme , Chanel and Estēe Lauder , among others.

The products of these high-end brands require a high investment, which is worth it considering the quality and effectiveness you receive.

However, it is also possible to get great skincare alternatives from mid-range brands. The important thing is to be informed about the latest trends in aesthetics and cosmetics to keep our skin healthy at a cost that we can bear.

As for dermatological products, different laboratories specialize in their production and distribution.

These products are also recognized for their quality and are highly prescribed and recommended by dermatologists.

Although they require a considerable investment (not exaggerated), the benefits they bring to the health of your skin also make it worth it.

In this group you will find a wide range of brands, lines and laboratories. Some of the best known are Glicolic and Umbrella from Medihealth, Salises from Sesderma , Cetaphil from Galderma and Ginkolis from Bioscreen, among many others. There are more laboratories like Isis Pharma, Bioderma and Siegfried.

I decided to create to help you take care of your skin based on my experience. The product recommendations to use are made based on my knowledge and the results I have seen.

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