The Skin Throughout Your Life

Surely when you think about aging, you imagine that after 50’s or 60’s you will live the worst stage of your life and the most boring. Perhaps you visualize yourself without vitality and energy and as a burden on your family.

It does not have to be this way! If you change your attitude, strengthen your mind and raise your energy to the maximum, you will not only rejuvenate and slow down the biological clock a little, but you will fully enjoy this stage.

Enjoy Aging
You can prevent some signs of premature aging and have a better quality of life. The key is first taking care of your health from the inside out. And second, in leading a rhythm of life that stimulates the generation of more energy and vitality, avoiding its loss. In this way you can fully enjoy this great stage of your life!

These two key factors depend on your nutrition and diet, the physical activity you do, and the habits you maintain in your life. In general, the lifestyle you lead determines your old age .

Your skin and body remain in a continuous aging process since you are born! You read that right, it’s true. Sorry to give you that bad news. The good news is that, despite your age, you can keep your skin healthy and beautiful with easy-to-perform care.

Skin regeneration
Every day your skin changes. Its skin cells die and are shed from the skin while new ones are born and take over their functions. When we are young, our skin has the ability to regenerate quickly. That is why the skin at this stage of life looks fresh, flexible, radiant and smooth.

Over the years and in general with the effect of internal and external factors that age your body , this regeneration process is delayed causing the accumulation of dead cells in the epidermis . These accumulated cells deteriorate the youthful appearance of the skin and affect its renewal.

For this reason, it is normal for the needs of your skin to change over the years. If you understand that this is a natural and inevitable process, it will be easier to understand your skin’s needs as time goes on.